Kinetic Selectivity

Evaluating the dynamic behaviour of your drugs

Dynamism and specificity: a complete picture of the in vivo behavior of your drugs

Selectivity is highly dynamic in human body and evolves over the course of treatment as a function of the temporal binding between the drug and the main and secondary targets.

The early assessment of kinetic selectivity is crucial to select drugs with the suitable safety profiles.

A drug showing long residence time when bound to its main target and short residence times for secondary targets exhibits temporal target selectivity. Safety and tolerability will considerably improve if the intrinsic toxicity of the drug is minimal. In contrast, a drug that display a long residence time against a secondary toxicity-mediating target will result in safety issues.

Enzymlogic determines the residence time of your compounds when bound to the kinase panel of your choice to evaluate their pharmacological behavior.

Features & benefits:

  • Determination of affinity and residence time in one assay format

  • Prediction of pharmacological selectivity profiles

  • Identification of potential new uses

  • Quantify binding to inactive or low activity kinases

  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Accurate and reproducible data

See application note.

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