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We characterize the kinetic profile of your drugs to boost their clinical efficacy

The efficacy of target inhibition depends on the rate constant of both the association and dissociation of a drug molecule to and from the target. The onset of the drug action is influenced by the association rate: the faster a drug binds to the target, the faster the inactivation will occur. Conversely, the duration of drug action is dependent of the dissociation rate: the longer the duration of binding, the longer the pharmacodynamic effect.

Compounds with identical affinity for a given target can exhibit very different kinetic profiles which may result in the differentiation of the clinical responses.

Enzymlogic determines the kinetic binding profile of your compounds to your kinase of interest to provide competitive advantage when it comes to identifying and improving novel therapeutic agents.

We use a fast and simple method to measure the affinity constant (Kd), the association rate constant (kon), the dissociation rate constant (koff) and the residence time of your compounds.

Features & benefits:

  • Identification of compounds with the desired kinetic parameters as an efficient starting point for lead development

  • Parallel optimization of binding affinity and binding kinetics

  • Evaluation of both active and inactive kinases

  • Rapid turnaround time

  • Accurate and reproducible data

See application note.

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