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It's time for a paradigm shift in drug discovery

The identification of compounds capable of modulating the activity of therapeutic targets relies on using interaction potency as a predictor of in vivo efficacy. Despite the fact that this approach facilitates high-throughput screening of large compound  libraries, potency alone fails to reveal the actual pharmacological diversity of compounds.

There are several biochemical features related to the drug-target interaction that drive its mechanism of action and all of them contribute to the ultimate pharmacological response.
We believe that early identification of the driving mechanism of action and assessment of the different biochemical parameters involved in the binding modulation are pivotal in the design of therapeutic agents with improved clinical efficacy and security profiles.

Towards the discovery and development of novel drugs

Our commitment is to apply mechanistic principles to assay design in order to encourage the identification of inhibitors with novel modes of binding.

At Enzymlogic, affinity measurements are supplemented with kinetic and conformational specificity assays to assist the discovery and development of drugs with the clinical outcome desired by both physician and patients: improved effectiveness, increased tolerability and adequate response durability.

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